Thursday, 5 March 2015


Mamata's Trinamool govt has engineered 3 major communal pogroms (not riots) in the recent past and is unarguably the most communal govt this state has ever seen. About two weeks ago I pointed to these pogroms, namely Deganga (Distt. North 24-Parganas, September 2010), (Naliakhali, PS Canning, Distt South 24-Parganas, February 2013) and Usthi (Distt South 24-Parganas, February 2015). On Twitter I threw a challenge to Trinamoolis to deny these. NOT A SINGLE Trinamooli (there are at least a dozen on Twitter these days, some believed to be Derek's creations) came forward to challenge them. I have PERSONALLY visited the scenes in the first two cases and have satisfied myself that they are genuine anti-Hindu pogroms -- not riots, as there was no Hindu retaliation. Of these Deganga was engineered by Haji Nurul Islam, Trinamool MP from Basirhat. This was such a serious case that the ARMY had to be brought out. There was CPI(M) government then, but no action was taken against Nurul, because the CPI(M) sucks up to Muslims for their vote as much as Trinamool. Naliakhali was engineered by Ahmed Hasan Imran, Mamata's Rajya Sabha MP and founder-president of the now-outlawed SIMI. The Usthi pogrom is too recent, and I don't have all details yet, but it was engineered by Giasuddin Mollah, Minister of State in the Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education in the Govt of West Bengal. 
Certain things are common among all three and stand out. In all three there were (a) Widespread destruction of Hindu property (b) Desecration of Hindu temples and (c) Terrorization of Hindus, but NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE PERSON OF ANY HINDU (i.e. NO MURDER, GRIEVOUS INJURY OR RAPE). This is nothing to be happy about, because it proves that the pogroms were well orchestrated, carefully measured. The police, of course, idly stood by during the conflagration. In the Naliakhali case the Hindus were so terrorized that I could not persuade anyone of them to file even a police complaint.
The question might arise as to why nobody knows about these. The answer is that the media in West Bengal collectively refuses to cover it. Their ostensible excuse is that this might create more riots -- but I don't believe that, there must be some kind of unwritten understanding among the govt (doesn't matter whether Trinamool or CPI(M)) and the media barons. For what reason, don't ask me, ask the media.
To my mind the Muslim fundamentalists in this state are testing the waters. As soon as they have dominated an area their design is to make it unlivable for Hindus. Mamata's encouragement to this, with her tongue hanging out for Muslim votes, is helping matters. The foreign money element, mostly Saudi, which is channelled through mosques, is adding its bit. 30-40 years from now Bengali Hindus will have to start packing their bags from this state-just their great-grandfathers had to, from erstwhile East Pakistan and Bangladesh. I seriously hope there won't be widespread rapes and murders as there were in 1950 or 1971 in erstwhile East Pakistan, and the Hindus will leave quietly, their tails between their legs. For, I believe, no race in this world is so oblivious of dangers to itself than Bengali Hindus, no race is more capable of such collective suicide.
I'm damned lucky I won't be around 30-40 years from now.


  1. মন্তব্য করতে ভয় পাচ্ছি, চোখ বুঝে থাকাটা বেশী সহজ ... Afraid to comment, keeping eyes shut is easier.

  2. Bengali Hindus can never understand the need to be united, they keep on voting for TMC. We need to wake up and do something or else we will receive the same fate as Kashmiri Pandits. I am worried cause I am 26 years old, and I can't see Bengali Hindus in this condition but no matter how hard I try to convince, my fellow Bengali Hindus never understand the grave danger. When I used to stay in Durgapur, in mid nineties, I never saw or heard halal, but now after coming back in 2014 to Kolkata, I saw halal even in international airport. Felt disgusted.

    Proud Bengali Hindu
    Puro Bangla ferot nite hobe, Sylhet theke midnapore, dinjapur theke chottogram, ar bankura theke barisal, Hindu raj er modhe. Aggressive na hole amra tikte parbo na, secular Sindh ar Kashmir agressive stance na newar jonne ei obosthaye poreche. Amader same bhul kora uchit noye.